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Water as the elixir of life

The fresh water from our mountain springs is the root of all life in the Alps

Magic waters and mountain lake on the Muttereralm

Kids can search for gold treasures within the magic waters area park of the Muttereralm. With many ponds, small streams and wooden water paths kids can feel the magic of the mountains and enjoy a day in the sun. 

Grawa Waterfall

When glacier water travels from the Wildem Freiger and Zuckerhütl mountain peaks – drops through granite rock and pours down over 100 meters with incredible force it creates a marvelous sight and the area’s most beautiful waterfall. The Grawa waterfall is only a 30 minute drive from our hotel. 

Glacier world of the Stubaier glacier

With the panoramic cable car Schaufeljoch you will reach the region of the 3.000-meter-high peaks quickly and comfortably. Add a few minutes to walk up the 232 steps to the view-station TOP OF TYROL. From there you can see the impressive peaks of 109 mountains each reaching at least 3.000 meters in height. The mountain ranges span all the way to Italy’s Dolomites.

Deep within the ice of the glacier you will find the legendary ice caves that will deliver a unique experience and amazing views of the never-ending ice.

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